4fairfuture.com - for a fair future

At 4fairfuture.com, we help out taking important steps towards a more fair and sustainable future and strive to contribute with building blocks to a strong circular economy. 

We act in several areas applying to the context of sustainability. Our core competences are within the following fields:

  • Training and development of horses. We believe that interaction with horses will be an increasing part of peoples well-being in the future and, hence, contribute to a more sustainable society.
  • Development and manufacturing of products made of plants growing in the closest surroundings. E.g. jam and syrup poured into recycled jars and bottles. These products goes under the brand sisenaj. 
  • Finding Ways Forward; Inspired by the Wright brothers, using our collected knowledge and smart tools to find low risk paths forward in a world that can appear very complex and messy.
  • Investing with intelligence in companies acting in the field of sustainability
Some of the profit we give to charity. For us, this is an important driver and a need to reach a fully sustainable world. 
Our work has through the years so far e.g. contributed to the Avicii supported project Hungerhjälpen (Hunger Aid) and treatment of Ebola via Barnfonden.

Also, every month we regularly support several different organizations, such as Unicef, WWF, Red Cross, SOS children’s villages (also via our electricity supplier GodEl), RFSU and the Swedish Society for Nature Conservation.

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Facebook: sisenaj

Twitter: @sisenaj